Quoting is one of the most important aspects of our business. The quote is much more involved than what determines the final price of a working system. We will spend as much time as necessary, free of cost to you to make sure that our quote will be accurate and the item/system will operate properly.

Gain Control Limited

Many products we use and sell frequently are not listed on this website; items such as linear or gantry systems using rack and pinion, ball screw, timing belt and pulley, along with sensors, power supplies, vision systems are just a few of the products we implement to automate your processes. At Gain Control we can offer you the complete solution including electrical panels, electrical installation, system commissioning and system programming. Our main specialty is to integrate all of these different products with new or existing machines to create a productive and reliable automated system.

We look forward to working with you!

Want more than a quote?, let us give you a demonstration. For most applications we can give you a working demonstration of the product operating in the same or similar application.
It is important to know that all information provided to Gain Control is and will remain strictly confidential.