Gain Control offers much more than just being a reliable supplier to your company. Our services range from selecting the proper product and implementing it into your system, to providing a complete turnkey system. We work closely with end users, OEM's, other system integrators, mechanical, electrical and research facilities.

Gain Control Limited
The key benefit of using Gain Control for your next project is that we can manage the entire process and make sure that the end result is working and reliable. We ask the right questions up front to ensure that all details have been taken into account and that all parties involved agree and understand how to proceed.
Gain Control Limited is an authorized BDSC (Baldor District Service Centre) with the proper facilities and test equipment to fully inspect / troubleshoot and service all warranty and non-warranty claims for Baldor products. We also provide on-site assistance for applications that require service in the field. Gain Control is also an authorized Baldor motion integrator allowing us to troubleshoot existing servo systems using Baldor's Mint and Mint MT languages.
Need training for a Baldor product? We can give you customized training for any Baldor product. Please contact us with your requests.