DC Drives

Gain Control Limited
Baldor DC drives come in both regenerative and non-regenerative. The 19H (non-regenerative) and the 20H (regenerative) use the same easy "H-series" user interface software that customers boast is the most user friendly for setting up and running the drives. These drives take either 230VAC or 460VAC inputs and range from 5HP up to over 600HP

19H & 20H Features:

Baldor BC chasis series drives range from 1/100 HP to 5HP. 115VAC or 230VAC inputs are available for 90Vdc or 180Vdc output. These inexpensive drives are good for those simple applications that call for low power, low cost and simplicity. These drives can come in enclosed panels with fusing and potentiometer installed for even easier setup and use.


Downloadable manuals are available:
19H manual | 20H manual