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Baldor AC motors are the most recognized motors in North America with a wide range of types and horsepower. Need a motor that is not one of the huge range of stocked Baldor motors? no problem! Baldor specializes in quickly making custom motors, please enquire with us the next time you need any type of motor. Typical motor types are: energy efficient motors, automotive, brake motors, commercial motors, explosion proof, F-2 mounting, farm duty, general purpose, hostile environment, HVAC, inverter duty, premium efficiency, pressure washer, pump, vector, and washdown/stainless steel.
Baldor DC motors come in a wide range of both permanent magnet and wound field with sizes ranging from 15kw to 550kw. Motors are available in IEC and Nema frame. Types of motors include: general purpose, washdown, explosion proof, power motors, integral tachometer, lifting magnet motors.
Baldor linear motors and stages are used for high speed, high accuracy and high repeatability applications. Direct coupled motion provided by the linear motors eliminates the need for ballscrews, rack and pinion systems, and belt driven actuators, meaning no backlash!. High repeatability, resolution to 0.1 microns (0.000004 inch), very accurate, to 2.5 micron/300mm (0.0001 inch/ft). Extremely fast acceleration from 1G to over 10 G's with speeds over 8 meters/sec (300 inches/second). The mechanical setup is very simple making it a very rugged and long lasting system as there are no contacting parts. There is no wear on the components and the do not need maintenance.

AC/DC Motor catalog | Linear catalog | BSM-N | BSM-B | BSM-C

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Baldor's AC brushless servo motors come in 3 different series, each with a range of torques and inertias (BSM-N series, BSM-B series, and BSM-C). All motors are available in washdown versions and have multiple feedback options including: resolver, encoder, endat (absolute feedback) and SSI feedback. Motors can be equipped with a mechanical brake as well for vertical axis or for safety precautions. Please view the specifications and torque curves located in the downloadable product catalogs below. Gain Control can size your servo motor for you, please contact us for more information.