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The brand new H2 series Vector released this year is an exciting new product provided by Baldor. This Vector has been made to be "bullet proof" while adding functionality and features. Help menus for each parameter, optional ethernet board allowing remote access, real time digital display of all analog inputs and outputs, warning output instead of process halting faults (restricted to non-critical faults) are just a few of the new features making your job easier! Contact us to see a demo of this product which will show the full capabilities.

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Baldor's 18H Vector is the predecessor to the new H2 series vector. Even though the H2 will now be used for all new applications, Baldor is dedicated to making sure your existing systems with the 18H Vectors do not become obsolete. Baldor will continue to make these Vectors to support machines that currently use the 18H. New for replacement and or spares are available, contact us for a quote.